Empowering public servants with thorough research and thoughtful solutions.

Our Design Principles

Because how you solve the problem is just as important as the solution.

Consumer-Grade Ease

Where possible, start simple, but guide to power. Cater to both novice and expert users.

Super-Powered Public Servants

Empower our customers to be effective communicators, presenters & decision makers.

Data that Speaks with Clarity

Help connect the dots to give confidence to crucial moments.

Collaboration with Community

Designing with civic leaders & citizens, focusing on community outcomes.

Our Mission @ OpenGov

Powering More Effective and Accountable Government

We do what we say we'll do

Whether you call it reliability, integrity, or trust, we count on each other to execute and that makes work more enjoyable. We don’t do flakiness. It’s a lot of fun when everyone pulls their weight, holds each other accountable, and communicates like pros.

We drive for customer Impact

We help customers transform their work with state of the art software and expertise. We ask how we can do better, we listen to their feedback, and we find ways to innovate and improve their lives.

We drive for customer Impact

There are highs and lows and failures and successes when building a company, often every day. No matter, because we are on a mission. We choose to do this, and we believe that what we are doing is important and will have a positive impact on communities across the country (and eventually the world).

Redwood City, Pune, Boston, that great coffee shop down the road...

Wherever you are, we are looking for great people who have a passion for making government software better. Internet connnection required :)

Senior Product Designer II

Anywhere, USA

Senior Product Designer

Pune, Maharashtra, India

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